Monday, July 13, 2009

Book Review- Quinton R. Wall- The Seed of Hope

Quinton R. Wall- The Seed of Hope (The Pragmatic Programmers 2009) 4 Stars

I was very impressed by this well-written debut novel. The author, Quinton R. Wall, sent me a copy of this in e-book form for review purposes and I am glad that he did. The Seed of Hope is the first in a series surrounding the Talent Tree that gives people special talents that revolve around skills that they already have within. Charlie Parker has been looking forward to receiving his talent and entering the garden that his father works in as a Keeper. Getting his talent though, may not be as easy as it sounds. His journey will take him places he could have only imagined and stretch his young body and mind beyond what any child should have to.
The first thing I noticed was how beautiful the dedication was. The Seed of Hope had an excellent introduction that commanded my attention, by then it did slip back into a slower section that was needed for background information. Once the main adventure began though it never let up, putting the book down was very difficult. Not being a huge fantasy fan, I was surprised to find myself enjoying the book as much as I was. I appalled by how cruel two of the boys were to poor Gideon, I felt so bad for him, but that is how children are. The characters were amazingly well put together and they flowed from the page like they were real.
I would recommend The Seed of Hope to fantasy lovers of all ages, but particularly middle reader and young adult level readers. A well-earned four stars! Here is his website,

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