Thursday, July 2, 2009

Book Review- Mary Higgins Clark- Where Are You Now?

Mary Higgins Clark- Where Are You Now? (Simon & Schuster 2008) 3 Stars

This was my second attempt at reading Clark’s books. I have to say that I am not overly impressed by her, but I know many people would disagree with me! Charles Mackenzie has disappeared and his sister, Carolyn is determined to find her brother. She receives a message asking her not to look for him, signed by none other than her brother. More and more it begins to look like finding him may not be such a good idea, but she will not be deterred.
This novel sounded so promising, but the more I read, the more I wished I wasn’t. The plot dragged on and was really slow. The dialogue and characters are what saved it from getting a worse rating. Maybe it would have been better if I hadn’t had such high hopes for it.
I am afraid that I have to disagree with many of Clark’s fans and say that not only do I not recommend this novel, but I do not recommend her as an author!

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Tony Peters
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  1. I've never caught the Clark fevor either, enjoyed one of her books decades ago but haven't picked up another one.


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