Friday, July 24, 2009

Book Review- Lee Child- Killing Floor

Lee Child- Killing Floor (Jove Books 1998) 4.75 Stars

This was my first book by Lee Child that I have ever read and I have to say that I was impressed. Jack Reacher, a former military policeman turner drifter, happens upon a gruesome murder in a small town. He finds himself arrested for a crime that he did not commit and he must work to prove himself innocent.
I was intrigued by the opening pages of Killing Floor and my attention was not released until the very end. Jack Reacher is a mysterious character and so we do not find out a lot about him, which normally I would not like, but in this case, it helped with his aura of mystery. The plot was fast-paced and well put together. I saw much of the ending coming, but still found myself wanting to find out just how it was going to play out. Lee Child has a way of including many twists and turns that although are not all completely likely to happen, they are still very enjoyable to read about. I will be looking for more of this series.
I would recommend Killing Floor to thriller and crime novel enthusiasts, or anyone who wants a fast-paced action novel.

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  1. I like the cover of that book - it's striking. But I can't read books that are gruesome like that - I'm too big of a wimp.

    Thanks for the review.


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