Thursday, July 9, 2009

Book Review- James Patterson- You’ve Been Warned

James Patterson & Howard Roughan- You’ve Been Warned (Vision 2008) 2.5 Stars

In You’ve Been Warned, Kristin Burns is working a nanny, even though she really wants to be a professional photographer. She seems like she is about to get the man of her dreams for keeps and she has found children whom she loves. Life begins to get odd for her though, and she must figure out just what is going on before life catches up with her.

Once again I find myself disappointed in a co-authored book by Patterson. Why do I bother reading his co-authored books you ask? Well because I already had the books and I refuse to give the book up without first giving it a chance. It started off really good. I loved the first four or five chapters, which as you Patterson readers know is not all that many pages. You’ve Been Warned is well-written, but it lacks so much. The characters I felt no connection to and could not ever feel like I knew them at all. The plot was fairly weak as well, in my opinion Patterson could have done a much better job, I know he has the skills to do so. The dialogue was strong and that was pretty much what it had going for it, but a book cannot be saved by good dialogue.

The book has a dark, odd storyline that is an acquired taste, which is why I will only recommend You’ve Been Warned to those who wish to read about the odd, dark, and bizarre. Patterson lovers may not be impressed. If you wish to start reading Patterson DO NOT start with this one.

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