Sunday, July 19, 2009

Book Review- David Baldacci- Wish You Well

David Baldacci- Wish You Well (Warner Books 2000) 4 Stars

Wish You Well tells the tale of Lou and Oz Cardinal as they struggle through life’s challenges. Their father dies in a tragic car accident that also turns their mother into an invalid who remains unconscious. They must move away from the life they have known to live with a grandmother they have not met. To the mountains of Virginia they move with their mother. As they learn to live a mountain life, they hope and pray for their mother’s recovery. In the mountain they find a true friend their age and some that are much older, but life does not plan to let them off the hook just yet, it has other things in mind.
I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. It has a beautiful storyline that captivates the reader and tugs at their hearts. The reader cannot help but love the two children and some of the people they meet throughout the book. It captured my attention and got my mind to thinking about what I might do if I was put in the same situations. The setting was wonderfully described and makes me want to visit Virginia to see some of the scenery.
I recommend this Wish You Well to anyone who loves drama, or just wants to read a heart warming book.

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