Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Book Review- Robert Louis Stevenson- Treasure Island

Robert Louis Stevenson- Treasure Island (Western Publishing Company 1971) 4.5 Stars

I cannot possibly do a normal book review for this book as I am sure that most of you have read this book or at least know the story. Basically Jim Hawkins, through working at his father’s bar, meets an old pirate, Bill, who is afraid that other pirates will find him, in particular a one legged man. When the pirates locate Bill, Bill gives Hawkins a treasure map before he dies. Treasure Island tells the tale of Hawkins’ hunt for the treasure.
It is a timeless classic that I love. I had read it when I was a child and I enjoyed reading it again. If you have not read Treasure Island I recommend reading it. In my opinion it is a must read, and a must own for everyone’s library.

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