Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Book Review- Michael Connelly- The Black Echo

Michael Connelly- The Black Echo (Warner Books 2002) 4.25 Stars

The Black Echo is the first of the Harry Bosch series by Michael Connelly. In this great novel, Harry Bosch has just been demoted to Hollywood Homicide due to the previous doll maker case, that I don’t think we ever get to read about, feel free to correct me if I am wrong. Bosch gets called in for a possible homicide where the body is found in a tunnel known for the homeless sleeping in. Quickly he discovers that he knows the corpse from his Vietnam days. Quickly he discovers that it is so much more than a simple drug overdose as others suspect. Bosch must go up against enemies in his own department including Internal Affairs who wants to fry him.
I enjoyed The Black Echo novel greatly. I love Harry Bosch as a character. In this novel we get background on a few people to help us understand their motivations or reasons behind their actions, which is great for the reader. I loved the plot as it gripped your attention, although it did have a few slower sections. The dialogue as per usual for Connelly was strong. I did not like how in the end the one criminal involved in the crime explained the crime in detail, even though it could not be used against the culprit. This just doesn’t seem like it would be likely to happen, it was unnecessary information, it would have been better to leave the reader trying to think about how the crime could have been done, leave something for the imagination.
Overall I liked The Black Echo. Connelly is a great storyteller. I recommend this novel to thriller and mystery enthusiasts, or those who just like Michael Connelly.

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