Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Generals By Simon Scarrow Book Review

The Generals: Wellington and Napoleon Quartet Book 2 3.25 Stars

In the second installment of this quartet, we see Napoleon rise in power and reputation in France, as well as Arthur Wellesley become a General himself and rise in his reputation in Britain. Napoleon works on bringing Egypt and Italy under French rule, before fighting to establish peace in France again. Wellesley does the same in India, rising to power, before he returns to Britain.

I still find it tough going back and forth between these 2 story lines. I know at some point they will meet, but just when you get into a story, it moves back to the other character. I am really loving the history and obvious research that went into creating this series. I also love how deep the characters are. They jump off every page and ping little bits of memory from things I already know. The plot is great, although he can't really deviate too far, as history has set out his plot for him already. Overall I will finish this series, but for me it is in the one time read category, not a keeper, but good enough to read once.

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