Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Graffiti Photo Book

I have been working hard at trying to get out a photo book featuring Freight Train graffiti that I have taken photos of in Swift Current, SK. It has been an enlightening experience. I first had to start out by editing the photos to showcase them in such a manner that it best shows the work put into making the graffiti. This took quite a long time as I have over 160 photos I hope to put in, and twice as many that did not make the cut, never mind all the time and effort involved in taking those photos. The next step was deciphering what each piece said, to pick out the taggers/crews involved in it's creation. Then came all the research of these taggers and crews to find out where they are from, though many of them I could find very little information on, some no information, which considering the legalities of graffiti art, should come as  no surprise. Even so the research was very intriguing, and I found that by the end I could decipher more of the tags, and even recognize some taggers work without seeing their signature. Now I am working on putting this all into the book form and doing the cover art.
Lots of work, but we will see when I am done if I am happy with the way it turns out. If I am I will make it available for purchase, if not then It was a fun learning experience.

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