Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Young Bloods by Simon Scarrow: Book review

Young Bloods by Simon Scarrow Book 1 of Napoleon-Wellington Quartet 3.5 Stars

Napoleon and Arthur (Wellington) are the focus of the book. It starts out with their births and their childhoods growing up, including the great demands that they were put under by parents who are struggling to maintain status. They both wind up in the military through having little choice, but they end up thriving. When France goes through a revolution it throws both of these men into the fray and gives them the opportunity to rise to the top.
I always love all the historical details that Scarrow includes in all of his novels and this novel is no exception. You can tell all the research he puts in throughout every chapter. Another strength would be his character development. He always has a depth rarely found in novels. I did find it difficult to be going back and forth between these characters constantly, as just when you are getting into one character's story it switches to the other one, which feels like letting air out of your tires. Overall though this is great read, but I feel his Cato and Macro series is better. Still good for a one-time read. Just ordered the last book in this series.

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