Monday, September 22, 2014

Book Review: Buried Children by Daniel Farcas

Buried Children by Daniel Farcas  2/5 Stars

This is a write Daniel has at the beginning: In an effort to increase Romania’s population, the communist dictator Nicolae 
Ceausescu authorized Decree 770 in 1967 that criminalized contraception and abortion.
Abandoned and unwanted by their parents, thousands of children ended up in state 
orphanages where they were neglected and abused, and later become homeless on 
Bucharest streets. This is the journal entries of one of them.

Loved the heart felt honesty of the story. For someone to share this so openly demands respect. The book tells the story of several orphans as the grow and struggle with the aftereffects of the cruelty. It does a good job of making one feel for the characters. I found it to be kind of choppy though, lacking a flow or rhythm. with a little bit of filling out and working on the flow issues it could be improved greatly. The end (last quarter) was about the best written and flowed the best out of the book. It was difficult at times to connect with the characters, as they weren't really filled out. They came and went so often, although part of this is due to the fact that they would have actually been doing that and it is a true story. 

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