Thursday, April 3, 2014

New Camera Photos

I got my new camera a week ago and I have been playing around with the settings, trying to learn how to use it. It's been a fun, and at times frustrating, process. I have been able to capture some photos I was quite happy with. here is a sampling of some of the ones I liked.

 The above one is called Time for Friendship. in the below photo I love the cobweb going across the top of the photo, took a bunch of photos to capture a few I was happy with, this was one of those.

 Loved the above photo, just wish the light reflection wasn't in the clock face. In the below photo I liked the way that the light brought out the details in the figurine.

 I love the above photo, one of my faves. The below picture is pretty cool as well.

 The lighting in the above shot is really cool, brings out the Love really nicely.
 The above picture has really cool shadow features. The below photo reminds me of a 3D roller coaster ride that would be fun to ride on.