Saturday, February 8, 2014

Photographic Memories (Literally)

 I was going through my old photos CDs today and was enjoying all the memories from Millar College of the Bible, to my wedding/honeymoon, to living in Saskatoon. My during these times wasn't that great, but I did manage to find a few nice gems. I will show them below. Most however made me shake my head wishing I had had a nicer camera for taking the photos, but also at my inexperience. I can definitely see improvement in my shots over the past few years, so hopefully over the next few years my skills will continue to improve.

 Above: Although the colour on this photo is kind of dull, I kind of like the way this flower turned out.
Below: This frog fountain from Bouchard Gardens in Victoria, BC turned out to be a really cool photo, after I cut my knees out of the shot of course. My new computer background.

 Above: I love this photo. It is so cool. Would make a good poster I think.
Below: This clock was kind of a cool picture as well. Got that vintage feel.