Saturday, July 27, 2013

Night At The Races

 Tonight was a fun evening with a bit of an exception. I enjoyed watching the tight races, but couldn't help but notice something. There seems to be no consistency or rhyme/reason to the line ups. Rules that are in place for the racing association don't seem to matter. This seems to have been going on for a couple of years. The problems seemed to have begun a couple of years ago when one driver bullied his way into a tie for the Street Point Leader. This driver pushed the Racing Association leaders into changing rules so that the points would change in his favour. Even going so far as to post his own newspaper ad announcing the Title as his. He had the Head Lap Counter blamed unfairly. With the frustration of all this it is clear that the fans are feeling the same way that the drivers must be, as the stands were fairly empty and have been this year. If the SCRA can't get their act together I fear that there may not be a Speedy Creek Racing Association in the near future.

Above we have off-roading.
Above we have Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

 A slick track led to many many spins tonight.

 To the Left is a cool shot of the truck coming out of the dust, and yes there was a lot of dust tonight.

 To the Left we have one of many spins.
 To the right we have two men racing hard.
To the left we have what I like to call a taxi conference.

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