Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Book Review- Ted Dekker- Saint

Ted Dekker- Saint (Thomas Nelson 2006) 2.75 Stars

Carl Strople is an assassin known as Saint. He is the best killer in the world, with more power than even he knows. The super secret government hired group has taken everything from him and turned him into what they want him to be. His search for the truth and love may just destroy him and everything the group has worked so hard to achieve.

The introduction for this book was great. It gets you involved in the action immediately, preparing you for an enjoyable read. I wish that this feeling had lasted. I found that it was really hard to stay interested in the book. I normally love Dekker’s books and find them easy to get into, but this just wasn’t the case with this book. The plot was a little hard to follow and seemed a little rushed, like he maybe should have taken more time on certain facts to make them clearer. It did have some really good twists in the book, but in the end you still know what to expect. The characters were really well done and were a redeeming feature of this novel. The conclusion was also really good, although it leaves it off for the third instalment of this series to continue the story. I would not recommend reading this book unless you are a Dekker fan working your way through his books.

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  1. I read this book and the other two in the series. I did enjoy it overall, but the plot was a tad confusing. It definitely was more enjoyable having read the others in the series. What bothered me was the fact that he never clearly said which should be read in what order! My obsessive compulsive keep things a certain way side struggled with that; however, after reading, I kind of understand what he was getting at.
    Interesting to see your point of view.


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