Sunday, August 28, 2011

White Bear Hotel/Restaurant

My wife and I thought that it would be fun to go for a drive and stop in a small town diner for food. Well this turned out to be a less than fun experience. We had been told that the restaurant had good tasting food, I wish that we had gotten the chance to judge that for ourselves. We walked in and my eyes had to adjust as it was so dark in there. There were no windows and not enough lights to make it so you could see very well. There were Christmas lights streamed everywhere(not even Christmas), radios lined the walls, as well as random pictures, butterflies/plastic flowers. Our tables were decorated by a beer bottle wrapped in tin foil, with a plastic sunflower in it, and the washroom door was right behind my wife. Inside the washroom it was old/grungy, and not too private. Overall it had the appearance of being grungy and cluttered. It took the waitress ten minutes to get to our table and bring us our menus. At this point I was starting to get a little annoyed, but we were told the food was good so we were willing to wait. We then ordered our waters and were waiting for her to return to take our orders, but it took a long time. We were just about to get up and leave when she took our orders, but not before taking the orders of a table that had come in after us. Then we waited, waited, and still waited. After being at the restaurant for an hour and fourty-five minutes, and receiving no food OR water in that time we got up and left. They must have only had one chef and one waitress working in the whole restaurant, even though when we called to ask if they were open, they told us they were busy, so we should be there by around five to beat the rush.

Understanding why we waited that long, takes a knowledge of small towns. It was a Sunday evening, so we were not sure if the restaurant in the nearest town was going to be open, and we kept thinking that surely our food would get to us. We did leave quite angrily and found a restaurant open in the next town thirty minutes away.

Rating 0/10

Kid Friendly: Only if you want your children to starve, also not much room for high chairs around the tables.

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