Thursday, July 8, 2010

Book Review- Lee Child- Persuader

Lee Child- Persuader (Dell Publishing 2004) 4.25 Stars

Reacher finds himself in danger again. This time he has his own personal reasons for getting involved, things that need finishing from his past. Working with a DEA team he is going undercover against a deadly group of ex-army thugs. The drug dealers are the problem of the DEA; Reacher wants their boss, the man calling all the shots. Its revenge he has in mind and nothing will stop him, he is the Persuader.

What an intro! Persuader starts off with a bang! Pop! Pow! Child brings the reader right into the action and grabs their attention immediately. He then backpedals to show you how they came to be where they are at, and explains just what is going on. I enjoyed the fact that he could back pedal without losing my interest. This novel also has a bunch of small flashbacks explaining Reacher drive for what he is doing in this novel. Normally I hate flashbacks, but this was done in such a way that I actually did not mind it. I did enjoy finding out a little more about Reacher’s past and just what his job entailed when he was an MP. This novel was fast-paced and never really let you stop biting your nails. The reader does find out about half-way through just what happened in the past to drive Reacher to be so vengeful, which is sooner than Child actually tells you, but it does not take away from the novel. I also knew how the book would end by the half-way point, but again it did not detract from the book, in fact it just made me more curious to see how it would all come together to get to that point. I would recommend Persuader or any other book by Lee Child to anyone looking for an intense ride, or a good thriller.

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