Saturday, July 17, 2010

Book Review- James Patterson- I, Alex Cross

James Patterson- I, Alex Cross (Little, Brown and Company 2009) 3 Stars

Alex Cross is a year older and is celebrating his birthday with his family when he is given devastating news. One of his family members has been killed and she is not the only one who has been murdered by Zeus, the rich, sexual predator. Now he must hunt down this psychopath trusting only his friends as no one else seems to be on the level. Money is power and that is something this killer does not lack. Everyone can be bought if you throw enough money their way; this is something Alex Cross is finding out the hard way.

Good prologue, I enjoyed how it gets the readers attention and makes them want to read more; this is something Patterson is very skilled at. He is also skilled at creating characters. He gives them depth and a level of believability that few authors are able to achieve. That being said this book can be described in one word for me. Disappointment. I was hoping that this book would help me get back into Patterson’s work as I had heard so many good things about this book. However this, sadly, was not the case. I found that once again his focus fell too much on Alex’s personal family drama and not enough on the reason why I read thrillers, the mystery and intensity. I found myself questioning why he was even allowed to be on the case, considering it is a member of his family, and I did not think that detectives could investigate something that close to the heart as their personal feelings cloud their judgement, as we saw in this novel. I also found that it was predictable and not all that believable. The ending once again leaves the reader knowing that another book is on the way with Kyle Craig as the villain. Patterson a word of advice; follow through with your threat you gave in your video for this book, KILL ALEX CROSS! Enough is enough, have a dramatic ending where Kyle Craig and Alex Cross kill each other; that I would read. I’m afraid that I cannot in good conscience recommend reading this book.

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