Thursday, May 13, 2010

Book Review- Michael Pennington- Dohch

Michael Pennington- Dohch (ebook 2010) 3.5 Stars

Susan has finally moved on from the events that transpired in the year previous, when suddenly her life is thrown into turmoil once again. Another Russian group has discovered her location and wishes to use her special abilities for their own purposes. With her family being threatened she must fight to keep them safe, but soon finds herself hunting a man who seems to be predicting each of her moves. Everything may not be as it appears though, is there more to this situation than meets the eye?

Michael Pennington’s specialty seems to be in his ability to create an electrifying plot with some great twists along the way. I enjoyed his introduction as it set the stage for the rest of the book. The conclusion set it up for Zhena to become a trilogy, which I do not generally like. I like books to be able to be read on their own, even if they are part of a series, and do not like it leaving off for another book. I loved many of the scenes in the book as they were very intense, although not always plausible. I did notice that there were several grammatical/spelling errors that with a little more editing could be reduced greatly. I also noticed that the Social Security Number given in the book as someone in the novel is actually in use by someone, and this should not happen. I would not give a Social Security Number in a book, just mention that it was give, with no specifics. I also noticed that when people talk to others in the novel, even their friends, they introduce themselves by there titles, which could have been done a little less. When the Russian names were used, Pennington often switches back and forth between the Russian name and the English name, which was a little distracting. Overall though I did enjoy the book, it could just use a little work to iron out the wrinkles.

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