Thursday, May 27, 2010

Book Review- Max Allan Collins- Dick Tracy

Max Allan Collins- Dick Tracy (Bantam Books 1990) 3.75 Stars

When five of the towns toughest thugs are found dead in a garage, and their boss follows shortly after, Dick Tracy is brought in on the case. It does not take him long to figure out just who is responsible for these murders, but proving could be the problem. Big Boy Caprice wants to take out all opposition and form an alliance between the biggest thugs in town, and he will eliminate anyone who gets in his way, even if it means Dick Tracy must fall. Dick Tracy will soon find himself in the sights of many. Can he crack the case before it cracks him open like walnut?

At first I was not sure if I liked the comic book feel of this book, but I soon learned to love it. I remember this movie from when I was a kid, so reading the book was interesting. I thought that this book was a practice in creativity and it had a unique feel to it. It is a time period we see more movies on, but don’t really read a lot of books on anymore. The characters names were amusing Pruneface, Mumbles, Big Boy, Lips, Flattop, Shoulders, to name a few. Dick Tracy was also an enjoyable character as he was tough, smart, and capable, yet he was still vulnerable and had a soft side. The action was fun, not always realistic, but still intriguing. It was meant to feel like comic book action and they succeeded. Dick Tracy’s detective work was different and again, comic bookie, yet I still loved to see how his mind worked out the details of the case.

I recommend Dick Tracy to anyone who enjoys reading comic books, or is looking for a different kind of mystery novel.

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