Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Book Review- William W. Johnstone- Trek of the Mountain Man

William W. Johnstone- Trek of the Mountain Man (Pinnacle Books 2002) 3.5 Stars

When Bill Pike discovered the wanted poster for Smoke Jensen, offering ten thousand dollars, he thought that he had struck it rich. Getting together a gang of ruthless men he came for Smoke Jensen, only he wasn’t home. Instead they stole his wife and killed two of his hands. When word of this reaches Jensen he goes after this gang. This takes him back into the mountains that he knows well, and he aims to not let even one of them survive his wrath.

The introductory pages in this western did not grab me like Johnstone’s have in the past, but it did make me wonder what was going to happen as a result, so I kept reading. It did improve true to Johnstone’s style. I was not disappointed in reading this as I got the action I love from westerns. The great thing about Johnstone is that his books have great characters that you get to know and love throughout this series. The reader cannot possibly help but laugh at some of things they say to each other. The plot is not overly deep, but not too bad for something so short.

I recommend Trek of the Mountain Man to western readers and Johnstone fans.

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