Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Book Review- Ted Dekker- BoneMan’s Daughters

Ted Dekker- BoneMan’s Daughters (Hachette 2010) 4 Stars

A killer is on the loose and they call him BoneMan. He has captured and killed six girls, and now he has taken another victim after years of silence. He thinks of himself as a father to the girls he kidnaps, and when they do not behave the way that he thinks that they should he kills them by breaking their bones, never damaging the skin. Ryan Evans has just come back from Iraq and his dangerous capture there has changed him, now he wants back into his wife and daughter’s lives, but they want nothing to do with him. When his daughter is taken by BoneMan, he becomes the only suspect in the case. Now the FBI is hunting him while he is hunting BoneMan. Which father will survive?

The introduction for this book was alright, not thrilling, but enough to keep me reading until it picked up, which did not take long. I was beginning to wonder exactly what the beginning had to do with the story, but again it did not take long to start connecting the dots in my head to figure out just how they would be connected. The family situation was a little frustrating, but I could see where each of them were coming from as there would have been a lot of tension and bitterness from the way that they left off last time that they saw Ryan Evans. Their reactions toward him seemed realistic and I like it when books seem realistic. I loved how this novel kept me on the edge of my seat never knowing just what was coming up next. You just knew that the book shad to end the way that it did, but Dekker still managed to throw in some very good twists to surprise the reader. Thankfully this was not only the case with the ending; it was also the case throughout the whole book. Dekker has another great thriller under his belt.

I recommend BoneMan’s Daughters to thriller lovers.

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