Sunday, April 18, 2010

Book Review- Stuart Woods- Fresh Disasters

Stuart Woods- Fresh Disasters (Signet 2007) 3.25 Stars

When Herbie Fisher can’t pay the twenty-four thousand dollars that he owes the mafia, and they rough him up, he turns to Stone Barrington for assistance in suing the mafia. Barrington wants nothing to do with the case, but after having his arm twisted, he reluctantly agrees to be the lawyer who sues the mafia leader Carmine Datilla. Now Barrington must work to keep his client alive and will see the brutal underbelly of the city he loves.

The introduction was interesting and Barrington’s sarcasm made me chuckle. From that first impression I thought that I would love this book/series, sadly though this was not the case. The book was just alright to me. It had a good plot, with two storylines twisting together with great skill, Stone Barrington being the focal point of both. However as I got to know Barrington more I got to like him less, he is the kind of character that is shallow, self-centered, and not really caring about his client’s life. He also is a player who does not mind sleeping with every woman who flirts with him. I nearly gagged at how lame it was that every woman he came into contact with loved him and would sleep with him for no reason at all. From reading this novel I must wonder if Woods thinks women are so shallow as to fall for this sex-crazed player. I would like to think that women are much smarter than this. Rant over. It was a good book plot-wise, but when you don’t like the characters in a book it is hard to enjoy it. As a result of this I must say that I do not recommend the Stone Barrington series.

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