Thursday, February 11, 2010

Book Review- Tess Gerritsen- The Apprentice

Tess Gerritsen- The Apprentice (Ballantine Books 2003) 3.75 Stars

Another hot summer in Boston leads to rich couples being targeted in a series of horrifying crimes in which men are forced to watch as their wives are raped. The women are then kidnapped and are turning up dead days later. To Detective Jane Rizzoli it looks like the work of Warren Hoyt, but she put him behind bars, so she decides that it must be a copycat. Now Jane must look her fear in the eyes and overcome the horrors that haunt her sleep. Being Warren’s victim, she must watch her back to avoid falling into the same nightmare as the previous summer. She never imagined just how much danger she could really be in.

I enjoy the character of Jane Rizzoli, she is a tough, no-nonsense woman, who is sometimes to assertive for her own good. We see her struggles with her family and her trying to tough out the ramifications of her scarring experience with Hoyt the previous summer. At the same time we see Agent Dean come onto the scene, whom I did not realize he was who he was until the end, then I remembered that I had read a book further up in the series and remembered he was in that one too. The villains in this one did not get much time in the book, keeping them as mysterious evils we can only wonder about. I did enjoy the plot and the many twists and turns it contained. It made for a very intriguing storyline. The beginning was one that grabbed my attention and then I found myself trying to figure things out, but was not always able to, although the ending was fairly predictable. The scene choices were interesting and fit into the story perfectly, I mean how much more creepy can you get than a graveyard scene?

I recommend The Apprentice to Gerritsen fans and those who enjoy a good thriller.

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