Monday, February 22, 2010

Book Review- Harlan Coben- Fade Away

Harlan Coben- Fade Away (Dell Publishing 1998) 4.75 Stars

The life of a famous basketball star should be wonderful, lots of money and a big home, but when Greg Downing disappears blood is discovered in his basement and it appears that his life may not have been so perfect after all. Myron Bolitar is a sports agent and former college ball player who competed against his rival Greg Downing and suspicions are out that Downing set up Myron’s career-ending injury, yet he has just been hired to locate the missing star. Now he must wade through the lies, deceit, and violent thugs involved in Downing’s life. Suppressed memories of the devastating injury are surfacing as he fights to solve this dangerous mystery. It turns out that solving it may cost him more than he had counted on, it may mean facing his past, and struggling through the present.

Another great read from an author I admire greatly. Harlan Coben knows how to weave a twisting tale of danger and intrigue. The introduction caught my attention and made me want to dig further into the mystery, but it did not stop there. I dug deeper and the pace did not slow down. It was a very interesting plot with really great work by the author to wind the tale in such a way to keep the reader guessing. I also love both Win and Myron as they make a great team. They work so well together and seem to connect on some odd level that helps them understand the other better than they understand themselves. I know I say this each time I read one of this series, but I love the sarcasm used by the author to relieve the tense situations, it makes me chuckle as I read, at times laughing out loud. I think my wife is beginning to wonder about my sanity. The setting was fairly well done, although could have been utilized a little better, not a big enough deal to lower my opinion of the book (pretty much just need to say something negative or it wouldn’t look balanced).

I highly recommend Fade Away or any other book in the Myron Bolitar series.

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