Saturday, February 20, 2010

Book Review- Gil Roscoe- Company of Thieves

Gil Roscoe- Company of Thieves (Kensington Books 2001) 3 Stars

Warren Allison used to be a small-time scammer, now he has gone legit. He has a new girlfriend, a little bit of cash, and a job that he hates. Suddenly his ex-girlfriend and partner in previous scams, pops out of nowhere with the chance of a lifetime. One last con, a con with a huge payload at the end, but can he trust this woman he hasn’t seen in years? In the world of cons things are never as they appear to be, no one is ever who they claim to be, and things do not always go as planned. He can wind up with everything, or with absolutely nothing, depending on how he plays his hand, but he plays to win and he may just end discovering something about himself that he never knew.

Company of Thieves was a different kind of book from what I am used to reading. It kind of intrigued me, which is why I picked it up. The world of cons was a very interesting topic that made for some good reading. I found myself enjoying the novel; that is once I got past the many sex scenes in the novel, which Roscoe could have thinned down. The sex became a bit of a distraction from the actual plot and took away from the storyline. There were not a lot of twists, but the few twists were great, although slightly predictable. I loved the introductory section as it drew my attention in, and yet I found the ending to be completely predictable, you just knew that they would try to screw him, it was just a matter of when, but it wouldn’t be a book if they succeeded now would it. Normally I would say that I just spoiled the whole book for you, but I have told you no less than what the back of the book tells you. So I guess the ending was just average, if not a little dull. What can I say? Not a book I recommend.

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  1. what happen to gil roscoe?

  2. Good question anonymous! I am trying to research this for you, but the internet is coming up blank. So I am not finding information on this author, wish I could tell you more, but apparanetly it is not to be had.


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