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Book Review- Rudyard Kipling- Captains Courageous

Rudyard Kipling- Captains Courageous (Moby Books 1983) 4 Stars

Harvey Cheyne is rich, spoiled, and as a teenager he is getting everything he wants, at least until he goes overboard while traveling on an ocean liner off the coast of Newfoundland. Now he finds himself on a fishing vessel and his father’s money means nothing. Harvey must learn the ropes of sailing and fishing to earn his passage on the four month fishing trip. Dan Troop, son of the courageous fishing Captain Disko Troop, teaches Harvey how to sail and fish, making them a pair of unlikely friends. Harvey will learn how to be a man and live his life without being a spoiled brat.

Captains Courageous is Rudyard Kipling’s classic tale of the rich learning to live like a normal hardworking citizen. At first I think I was along with everyone else in despising this impudent little brat, Harvey Cheyne, but as I watched him grow throughout the book I developed respect for him. He is able to overcome his trouble by pitching in and learning to work like all the others on the ship. Dan Troop is a wonderful young lad who befriends Harvey and I liked his character the most in the book, although I could not help but to like Disko Troop, and the ship’s cook. So many amazing characters created by one of the best writer’s of all times. The plot is not overly deep, but was wonderfully crafted into an interesting tale. I felt that throughout the story I learned many things about sailing on a fishing vessel, not enough to try it myself, but enough to keep me reading. The ending was one that was a little boring, but happy nonetheless. I may have liked to of seen a little bit more excitement in parts, something to make the reader bite their nails, but maybe that is just me.

I recommend this children’s version to parents looking for a good clean read for their kids, and the adult version to those looking for a good sailing adventure.

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