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Book Review- Eric Wilson- The Inuk Mountie Adventure

Eric Wilson- The Inuk Mountie Adventure (HarperCollins 1996) 4 Stars

With Canada considering joining with the United States, companies are looking to change the course of rivers so that they will run Canadian water into the States. The Prime Minister of Canada seems to be backing this one hundred percent and he has the public eating out of his hand. However a micro-cassette may change all of this if it comes to light. Tom Austen is on a school trip up north to Gjoa Haven and Tom hears that the cassette may be near by. While participating in cultural events and learning many useful things form his Mountie host, Tom Austen hunts for the cassette chasing his suspects on foot and snowmobile. Meanwhile he finds out that he may have more to learn about life than he had thought, and the Inuit people may be just the ones to teach him.

The Inuk Moutnie Adventure is my favourite book that I have read by Eric Wilson so far. I enjoyed the amount of growth of character we saw in Tom Austen and his friend Dietmar. They seemed to be learning so much from the Inuit people and this may just teach our children about cultural acceptance, which is an important lesson. Meanwhile the case was a very intriguing one with some ideas that were quite different from your usual mystery novel. It had action components and yet we saw Tom Austen scrounging for information and coming up with leads that he thought went one direction only to find out that he was completely wrong. Eric Wilson had some good twists, not all of them were unpredictable, but for the intended age group they were very well done. I would have liked the ending to come as more of a surprise, but again for the intended age group it would have come as more of a surprise. I enjoyed hearing about the far north as it does get a lot of attention in very many books or movies. This made the information more interesting and I found that I learned a fair bit from this book.

I recommend The Inuk Moutnie Adventure to middle readers who like mystery.

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