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Book List 2009 and My Book Awards

Book Awards 2009

Best Mystery/Thriller: Michael Connelly- 9 Dragons

Runner Up: Lee Child- Killing Floor

Honourable Mention: Jeffery Deaver- A Maiden’s Grave

Best Children’s/Middle Reader: Mildred D. Taylor- Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Runner Up: Judy Blume- Superfudge

Honourable Mention: Andrew Clements- Frindle

Best Miscellaneous Read: John Grisham- A Painted House

Runner Up: James Lecesne- Absolute Brightness

Honourable Mention: Tony Earley- The Blue Star

Favourite Book of 2009: John Grisham- A Painted House

Runner Up: Michael Connelly- 9 Dragons

Honourable Mention: Kristin Cashore- Graceling

Best Little Known Author: Roger Haller

Runner Up: Lincoln Park

Honourable Mention: Quinton R. Wall, Milam McGraw Propst, and Michael Phelps

Worst Book Read in 2009: Andrew J. Fenady- The Rebel: Johnny Yuma

Runner Up: Don Pendleton- The Executioner: Death Warrant

Dishonourable Mention: James Patterson & Howard Roughan- You’ve Been Warned

Book List 2009

Total Books Read: 154

Mystery (23)

Eileen Dreyer- With a Vengeance (St. Martin’s Press 2003) 3 Stars

Brad Geagley- Year of the Hyenas (Simon & Schuster 2005) 4 Stars

Michael Palmer- The First Patient (St. Martin’s Press 2008) 4.25 Stars

Michael Connelly- City of Bones (Little, Brown and Company 2002) 5 Stars

Sue Grafton- “P” Is for Peril (G.P. Putnam’s Sons 2001) 4 Stars

Dean James- Faked to Death (Kensington 2003) 3 Stars

Valerie Wolzien- An Anniversary to Die For (Ballantine Publishing 2002) 3.25 Stars

Mary Higgins Clark- All Through the Night (Simon & Schuster 1998) 2.5 Stars

Michael Connelly- The Black Echo (Warner Books 2002) 4.25 Stars

Agatha Christie- Ten Little Indians (also known as: And Then There Were None) (Pocket Books 1966) 3.75 Stars

Mary Higgins Clark- Where Are You Now? (Simon & Schuster 2008) 3 Stars

Andrew Pepper- The Last Days of Newgate (Weidenfeld & Nicolson 2006) 3.75 Stars

Laurence Klavan- The Cutting Room (Ballantine Books 2004) 3.25 Stars

Michael Connelly- Angels Flight (Warner Books 2000) 4.75 Stars

Michael Connelly- The Last Coyote (Little, Brown and Company 2007) 3.75 Stars

Sue Grafton- “Q” is for Quarry (G. P. Putnam's Sons 2002) 3.75 Stars

Patricia Cornwell- Body of Evidence (Avon Books 1992) 3.25 Stars

James Lee Burke- In the Moon of Red Ponies (Pocket Books 2005) 3.5 Stars

Jeffery Deaver- The Empty Chair (Pocket Books 2005) 3.75 Stars

Michael Connelly- The Black Ice (St. Martin’s Press 1994) 4.25 Stars

James David Jordan- Double Cross (B&H Publishing 2009) 3.25 Stars

Michael Connelly- 9 Dragons (Little, Brown and Company 2009) 5 Stars

Hugh Pentecost- Murder Goes Round and Round (Dodd, Mead & Company 1988) 3.5 Stars

Thriller (46)

James Patterson- Double Cross (Audiobook- Unabridged) (Little, Brown and Company 2007) 4.5 Stars

Gayle Lynds- The Coil (St. Martin’s Press 2004) 4 Stars

Carl Hiaasen- Skin Tight (Audio Book- Abridged) (Random House 1992) 3 Stars

James Patterson & Howard Roughan- Honeymoon (Little, Brown and Company 2005) 2.75 Stars

Randy Wayne White- Tampa Burn (G.P. Putnam’s Sons 2004) 2.5 Stars

James Patterson- Along Came A Spider (Warner Books 2001) 4.5 Stars

C. J. Box- Blue Heaven (Minotaur Books 2008) 3.25 Stars

Brian McGrory- The Nominee (Atria Books 2002) 3.5 Stars

Brian McGrory- Dead Line (Atria Books 2004) 4.25 Stars

James Patterson- Kiss the Girls (Warner Books 1997) 4.75 Stars

Harlan Coben- Tell No One (Delacorte Press 2001) 4.5 Stars

Michael Connelly- Void Moon (Warner Books 2001) 4.75 Stars

James Patterson- Jack & Jill (Warner Books 1997) 4.25 Stars

Joseph Finder- Company Man (St. Martin’s Press 2005) 4 Stars

Iris Johansen- No One to Trust (Bantam Books 2002) 3.5 Stars

Michael Pennington- Zhena (ebook) (Hearts on Fire Books 2009) 3.5 Stars

Joseph Finder- Paranoia (Audio Book-Unabridged) (St. Martin’s Press 2004) 3.5 Stars

Jeffery Deaver- A Maiden’s Grave (Signet 1996) 4.75 Stars

James Patterson & Howard Roughan- You’ve Been Warned (Vision 2008) 2.5 Stars

Catherine Coulter- Double Take (G.P. Putnam’s Sons 2007) 3 Stars

Lee Child- Killing Floor (Jove Books 1998) 4.75 Stars

Jeffery Deaver- The Cold Moon (Simon & Schuster 2006) 3.75 Stars

James Patterson- Cat & Mouse (Warner Books 1998) 4 Stars

Robert Crais- The Watchman (Simon & Schuster 2007) 3.25 Stars

Marcus Wynne- Warrior in the Shadows (Forge 2002) 4.25 Stars

Lee Child- Die Trying (Jove 2005) 4 Stars

Jeffery Deaver- Hard News (Bantam Books 2001) 3.5 Stars

Steven James- The Pawn (Revell 2007) 4.75 Stars

James Patterson- Pop Goes the Weasel (Warner Books 2000) 3.75 Stars

Michael Crichton- Airframe (Ballantine Book 1997) 3.25 Stars

Steven James- The Rook (Revell 2008) 3.5 Stars

James Patterson- Roses Are Red (Little, Brown and Company 2000) 3 Stars

Phillip L. Davidson- Dreamer (iUniverse 2009) 3 Stars

John Grisham- The Client (Island Books 1994) 4.75 Stars

Robert Crais- L.A. Requiem (Ballantine Books 2000) 3.75 Stars

Harlan Coben- One False Move (Dell Publishing 1999) 4.75 Stars

James Patterson- Violets Are Blue (Little, Brown and Company 2001) 3.5 Stars

Joseph Finder- High Crimes (Avon Books 2002) 4 Stars

Jeffery Deaver- Death of a Blue Movie Star (Bantam Books 2000) 3.25 Stars

Tess Gerritsen- Bloodstream (Pocket Books 1999) 3.25 Stars

James Patterson- Four Blind Mice (Warner Books 2003) 3.25 Stars

Jeffery Deaver- The Vanished Man (Pocket Books 2004) 4.25 Stars

Lisa Jackson- Deep Freeze (Zebra 2005) 3.25 Stars

Robert Crais- Hostage (Ballantine Books 2005) 3.25 Stars

Tess Gerritsen- Vanish (Ballantine Books 2006) 4 Stars

Harlan Coben- Darkest Fear (Dell Publishing 2001) 4 Stars

Western (12)

Andrew J. Fenady- The Rebel: Johnny Yuma (Dorchester Publishing Co., Inc. 1998) 2 Stars

Louis L’Amour- The Empty Land (Bantam Books 2006) 3.5 Stars

David Thompson- Wilderness: Iron Warrior/Wolf Pack (Leisure Books 2000) 3 Stars

Ralph W. Cotton- Justice (Signet 1999) 3.75 Stars

Fred Grove- Man on a Horse (Leisure Books 2000) 2.75 Stars

Louis L’Amour- Silver Canyon (Bantam Books 1972) 4 Stars

Ralph Compton- The Goodnight Trail (St. Martin’s Press 1992) 4 Stars

Dusty Richards- Servant of the Law (St. Martin’s Press 2000) 3 Stars

Louis L’Amour- Callaghen (Bantam Books 1972) 3.5 Stars

Ray Hogan- Solitude’s Lawman (Doubleday 1988) 2.75 Stars

Ray Hogan- The Peace Keeper (Doubleday 1978) 3.5 Stars

Ralph Compton- The Western Trail (St. Martin’s Press 1992) 3.5 Stars

Drama (17)

John Grisham- A Time to Kill (Island Books 1992) 4.75 Stars

Randy Singer- Directed Verdict (WaterBrook Press 2002) 4.5 Stars

Sandra Benitez- The Weight of All Things (Hyperion 2000) 4.75 Stars

John Grisham- The Street Lawyer (Doubleday 1998) 3.25 Stars

David Ellis- Jury of One (Putnam 2004) 3.75 Stars

Leif Enger- Peace Like A River (Atlantic Monthly Press 2000) 5 Stars

John Grisham- A Painted House (Doubleday 2002) 5 Stars

Joanna Scott- Make Believe (Little, Brown and Company 2001) 3 Stars

R. L. Saunders- Blind Pig (Xlibris 2000) 3.25 Stars

Michael Phelps- The Execution of Justice (Blue Line Publishing House 2008) 3.75 Stars

John Grisham- The Last Juror (Dell Publishing 2004) 3.5 Stars

David Baldacci- Wish You Well (Warner Books 2000) 4 Stars

John Grisham- The Chamber (Island Books 1994) 3.25 Stars

Thomas H. Cook- Red Leaves (Harcourt Books 2005) 4 Stars

James W. Huston- Secret Justice (HarperCollins 2003) 3.5 Stars

Jeffrey Archer- A Prisoner of Birth (St. Martin’s Press 2008) 3.5 Stars

John Grisham- The Partner (Island Books 1998) 3.5 Stars

Adventure (2)

Robert James Glider- Golden Conspiracy (Book Surge 2009) 3.5 Stars

Don Pendleton- The Executioner: Death Warrant (Worldwide Library 1994) 2.25 Stars

Science Fiction (3)

Douglas Niles- War of the Worlds: New Millennium (Tom Doherty Associates, LLC 2005) 3.5 Stars

Ken Goddard- First Evidence (Bantam 2000) 2.75 Stars

Michael Crichton- Jurassic Park (Ballantine Books 1991) 3.5 Stars

Contemporary Fiction (1)

Lincoln Park- Handle Time (4465 Press 2008) 4.25 Stars

Historical Fiction (5)

Roger Haller- Guardian of the One (Cowboy Logic Press 2008) 4.5 Stars

Mildred D. Taylor- Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (Penguin Books USA Inc. 1976) 5 Stars (Fit into both this category and middle reader)

Marty Crisp- White Star: A Dog on the Titanic (Scholastic Inc. 2004) 5 Stars (Fit into both this category and middle reader)

Tony Earley- The Blue Star (Little, Brown and Company 2009) 4 Stars

Larry V. Williams- Cock of the Walk: The Toughest Man on the River (Strategic Book Publishing 2009) 3.25 Stars

Children’s (4)

Bob Phillips- Nutty Good Clean Jokes for Kids! (Harvest House Publishers 1995) 3.75 Stars

Wendy Cheyette Lewison- Buzz Said the Bee (Scholastic, Cartwheel Books 1992) 3 Stars

Gail Herman- Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium: A Little Magic (Scholastic Inc. 2007) 4 Stars

Paula Shene- Mandy the Alpha Dog (Publish America 2009) 3 Stars

Middle Reader (32)

Tony Peters- Kids on a Case: The Case of the Ten Grand Kidnapping (Eloquent Books 2008)

Louis Sachar- There’s A Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom (Scholastic Inc. 1997) 3 Stars

Beverly Cleary- Beezus and Ramona (Scholastic Inc. 2007) 3.5 Stars

Andrew Clements- Frindle (Scholastic Inc. 2003) 4.25 Stars

Ron Roy- A to Z Mysteries: The Runaway Racehorse (Scholastic Inc. 2003) 2 Stars

John Peterson- The Littles (Scholastic Inc. 1967) 3.5 Stars

Beverly Cleary- Ramona and Her Father (Scholastic Inc. 1998) 3.75 Stars

James Howe- Tales From the House of Bunnicula: It Came from Beneath the Bed! (Scholastic Inc. 2003) 3 Stars

Judy Blume- Double Fudge (Scholastic Inc. 2003) 4.5 Stars

Avi- The Secret School (Scholastic Inc. 2002) 4 Stars

Katherine Paterson- Bridge to Terabithia (HarperTeen 2005) 3.75 Stars

Eric Wilson- The Case of the Golden Boy (HarperCollins 2003) 4.25 Stars

Eric Wilson – Disneyland Hostage (HarperCollins 2003) 3.75 Stars

Judy Blume- Superfudge (Dell Publishing 1981) 5 Stars

Judy Blume- Fudge-A-Mania (Dell Publishing 1991) 4.5 Stars

Lynne Reid Banks- The Indian in the Cupboard (Avon Camelot 1982) 3.5 Stars

Lynne Reid Banks- The Return of the Indian (Weekly Reader Books 1986) 3 Stars

Beverly Cleary- Ramona Quimby, Age 8 (Avon Books 1992) 3.5 Stars

Beverly Cleary- Ramona Forever (William Morrow and Company 1984) 3.5 Stars

Beverly Cleary- Ramona’s World (HarperCollins 1999) 3.25 Stars

Eric Wilson- Murder on the Canadian (HarperCollins 2003) 3.5 Stars

Aal Christiansen- Submarine Killer (Spitfire Books 1967) 3.75 Stars

Charles Dickens- Oliver Twist (Baronet Books) 4 Stars

Mark Twain- The Prince and the Pauper (Baronet Books) 3.75 Stars

Eric Wilson- Spirit in the Rainforest (HarperCollins 2003) 3.5 Stars

Judy Blume- Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing (Yearling Books 1981) 4 Stars

H.G. Wells- The Time Machine (Moby Books 1983) 3.5 Stars

Gordon Korman- On The Run: The Fugitive Factor (Scholastic Inc. 2005) 3.5 Stars

Eric Wilson- Code Red at the Supermall (Collins Publishers 1994) 3.5 Stars

Milam McGraw Propst- The Adventures of Ociee Nash Series (Bell Bridge Books 2009) 3.75 Stars

Gordon Korman- Island: Shipwreck (Scholastic 2001) 3.5 Stars

Eric Wilson- Vancouver Nightmare (HarperCollins 2000) 3.75 Stars

YA (7)

James Lecesne- Absolute Brightness (HaperTeen 2008) 5 Stars

Kristin Cashore- Graceling (Harcourt, Inc. 2008) 4.25 Stars

M. T. Anderson- The Game of Sunken Places (Scholastic Inc. 2004) 3.5 Stars

Arthur Slade- Dust (HarperCanada 2001) 3 Stars

Robert Louis Stevenson- Treasure Island (Western Publishing Company 1971) 4.5 Stars

Major Charles Gilson- Raja Dick (Oxford University Press 1934) 3.25 Stars

Quinton R. Wall- The Seed of Hope (The Pragmatic Programmers 2009) 4 Stars

Comics (2)

Jim Davis- The Twelfth Garfield Fat Cat 3-Pack (Ballantine Books 2001) 4.5 Stars

Jim Davis- Garfield Takes the Cake: His Fifth Book (Ballantine Books 1982) 3.75 Stars

Religious (1)

Arnie Armstrong and Amy Hancock- The Lord Has Spoken (Self Published 2007) 3 Stars

Poetry (4)

Rosemary Regina Challoner Wilkinson- Blessing of Poetry (stand@rt Publishing House 2002) 4 Stars

Matthew Cooperman- Surge (Kent State University Press 1999) 4.25 Stars

Diane Gilliam Fisher- Recipe for Blackberry Cake (Kent State University Press 1999) 3 Stars

Martina Reisz Newberry- Perhaps You Could Breathe For Me (Xlibris 2009) 3.75 Stars

Short Story (2)

Ernest Hemingway- The Hills of Kilimanjaro (Simon & Schuster Audio 2009) 2.75 Stars

Sahara Berns- Guardian of Desire (Eternal Press 2009)

Non-Fiction (2)

Bill Manville- Writing to Get Published Student Handbook ( 4.5 Stars

Maggie Stevens- Parent Fix (Anomaly Publishing 2008) 4.25 Stars

Romance (1)

Erica Abeel- Conscience Point (Unbridled Books 2009) 3.5 Stars

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