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Book Review- Robert Crais- Hostage

Robert Crais- Hostage (Ballantine Books 2005) 3.25 Stars

After a convenience-store robbery goes wrong, the clerk is dead and the police are chasing down three men. The criminals run to a quiet suburban area of Los Angeles and break into the home of a man living with his two kids. Holding the family hostage the three hoped to escape the police and ultimately prison. Jeff Talley is the Chief of Police and he used to be a hostage negotiator for the LAPD SWAT. Now he must try to reason with these three criminals not knowing that the house holds some very dangerous secrets for some very dangerous men. These men will do anything to keep the secrets from surfacing, even if it means holding Talley’s family hostage to get what they want.

You may recognize the name of this book from the movie, Hostage, with Bruce Willis. I think that this book was a better movie than a book. I say that because movies are designed to switch perspectives constantly, where as I find that when books do that it can be confusing and annoying, such was the case in this book. I did find that Hostage was very gripping though. The reader is in suspense, not knowing what is going to happen next, or how Talley will react to the situations that are thrown his way. Talley is a tough, hard-nosed man, but the reader finds out why he is this way and comes to understand that his gruffness is just an outer shell. The prologue was background knowledge for the reader to help understand what made Talley the way he was, which is the best way to do this. I did find that in a couple of scenes I was questioning if it would have turned out the way it did, considering it just seemed a little bit too convenient.

I recommend Hostage to Robert Crais fans.

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