Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Book Review- Hugh Pentecost- Murder Goes Round and Round

Hugh Pentecost- Murder Goes Round and Round (Dodd, Mead & Company 1988) 3.5 Stars

As the world renowned singing impersonator Toby March visits New York the hype is high. As morning comes his room is found to be wrecked and blood covers the floor, but there is no sign of Toby March. Frank Pasqua, his manager has also disappeared. A joint investigation takes shape as the police, FBI, and hotel security hunt for clues that will help them locate the missing guests and the dead body. The hotel security team believes one thing, while the police/FBI believes something complete different, the question is who is right? Before the answer can be found Pierre Chambrun, the hotel manager is the victim of an attempted murder.

Murder Goes Round and Round was a pretty good classic mystery. Clues had to be dug up and things weren’t always what you would imagine, although there really weren’t too many major twists. None of the characters were really described or introduced in any depth, and yet I still found that I knew them. I still would have liked to see more about the characters. I did not particularly appreciate the fact that the hotel security team never seemed to be proved wrong, they made a guess and it seemed to be correct, investigators usually have many wrong guesses before coming to a correct one. I did find that the actual story was well-written and enjoyed reading the novel. The plot was not deep, but was enough to keep the reader interested. I would also have liked to have seen a little bit more come from the introduction, as it doesn’t really grip the reader. The ending however was well-done on the part of the author.

I recommend Murder Goes Round and Round to mystery readers.

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