Monday, November 9, 2009

Book Review- Tony Earley- The Blue Star

Tony Earley- The Blue Star (Little, Brown and Company 2009) 4 Stars

Jim Glass is learning what it is like to grow up. He has found a girl that he loves with just one problem, she has a fiancé overseas. Jim must now learn what it is like to not have what he wants most, to be just friends with the girl of his dreams. With World War II just starting he must consider doing his duty and signing up. Meanwhile his best friend seems to have problems of his own and Jim must try to keep him from getting himself killed.

I was surprised to find myself enjoying The Blue Star as it is not my usual reading. Tony Early writes a captivating tale of Jim Glass and his adventures while he is learning to grow up. The storyline is slow moving and yet it still managed to hold my attention all the way through. The characters were amazingly real; it was like they all jumped off of every page. It was a fairly serious book, but I still found myself laughing at some of the situations Jim and his best friend, Dennis Deane, found themselves in. It was also interesting to see the cultural differences between their time period and ours. As for plot there was not a lot going on plot-wise, but I do not believe that it really needed a lot. The book read more like a campfire tale that your grandparents would tell you.

I recommend The Blue Star to anyone looking for a beautiful tale of times past.

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