Thursday, November 5, 2009

Book Review- Jeffery Deaver- Death of a Blue Movie Star

Jeffery Deaver- Death of a Blue Movie Star (Bantam Books 2000) 3.25 Stars

Rune almost gets blown up as a bomb destroys a porn theatre that she was walking by. Now she wants to make a film about it through the eyes of porn star Shelly Lowe. When a second bomb kills her star it leaves her questioning the true motives behind the bombings. Her investigation into the truth could be a lot more than she signed up for, as someone tries to put a stop to her hunt for the truth and her film. Can Rune find the answers before the truth destroys her?

I did not find Death of a Blue Movie Star to be as good as the last Rune book I read, although I still enjoyed it. Rune is a very interesting character as she is so different from your usual book characters. Her curiosity always seems to lead her into tough jams that make for good storylines and different kinds of investigations that you don’t see in your typical mystery novel. I did find myself wishing that the plot would pick up the pace a little bit and maybe have a little bit more depth to the case than what there was. The ending came as a bit of a surprise, although I was looking for something more shocking, with a little more ‘wow!’ to it.

As you can see I kind of have mixed feelings about this one so I won’t say recommend or not recommend, you can read the review and make up your own minds.

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