Thursday, November 26, 2009

Book Review- James Patterson- Four Blind Mice

James Patterson- Four Blind Mice (Warner Books 2003) 3.25 Stars

Alex Cross has decided to leave the police force, but he is presented with one last case that he simply can’t resist. When John Sampson, his partner, finds out that a good friend of his has been framed for murder and is now on death row, he pulls Alex Cross in to save his friend. The United States Army wants the case to be done and over with, but Cross and Sampson don’t intend to let it drop. Three killers will stop at nothing to succeed at their mission, to kill anyone their controller commands them to. Cross and Sampson just happen to be in the way, can they solve the case before it costs them their lives?

At first Four Blind Mice stuck to the case and I was impressed by it, but then I got to a long section of Alex Cross and his new girlfriend Jamilla. This time Patterson even got into Sampson personal life; don’t get me wrong I enjoyed seeing Sampson finally find someone I just wish that Patterson could learn to focus more on the case at hand. I was happy to learn a little bit more about Cross and Sampson’s pasts, as it gave each of them a little bit more depth. The actual case in Four Blind Mice was a good one, as it contained some nail-biting scenes and some good action sequences. I was impressed to see Sampson taking a lead role in this particular case. He seemed to do a pretty good job at it. The plot was quite impressive, minus the personal dating/sex sections (long sections that distracted you from the mystery of the case), it was very detailed and included a few good twists. Some of the details in the book seemed a little too pat for me though, they just kind of fell into place and suddenly everything just clicked for Cross. I was looking for something a little bit more and was kind of disappointed.

I would recommend Four Blind Mice only to people who are fans of James Patterson.

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  1. An enjoyable read Four Blind Mice by James Patterson. loved the way you wrote it. I find your review very genuine and original, this book is going in by "to read" list.


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