Sunday, November 22, 2009

Book Review- Eric Wilson- Code Red at the Supermall

Eric Wilson- Code Red at the Supermall (Collins Publishers 1994) 3.5 Stars

When a bomber strikes at the West Edmonton Mall the Austen family is on the case. In search of the bomber they come across events that draw them into the mall’s various sections, making friends with many of the employees, and also making enemies. They must also find the culprit of a racial destruction of a store, which will make them a wonderful ally who can show them the mall, but will also make them a deadly enemy who seems willing to stop at nothing to end their investigation.

Having been to the West Edmonton Mall I was impressed by all that Eric Wilson managed to include in his novel. The investigation took them from one part of the mall to the opposite end. It involved many of the biggest attractions which I have no doubt would interest readers. The characters were very interesting and well-put-together. It was interesting to see how the different personalities clashed. The plot was intriguing although I may have included a little bit more for the storyline. I wish I had more to say about this great children’s novel, but words seem to be escaping me.

I recommend Code Red at the Supermall to young readers of mystery.

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