Saturday, October 17, 2009

Book Review- Ralph Compton- The Goodnight Trail

Ralph Compton- The Goodnight Trail (St. Martin’s Press 1992) 4 Stars

Three former Texas Rangers band together with a good friend to round up thousands of cattle for a drive to Colorado. The trip will be a tough one involving run-ins with flooding rivers, Comanche, desert sands, and men who wish to take advantage of the group. The trip could either make them rich or dead.

The Goodnight Trail was a great western with very colourful characters that jump off the page. I love the tough skin of McCaleb, who seems like the most unlikely one to find a woman he can love, and yet he is the one who has a woman chasing after him. I of course love the time frame as it is a western. For the most part the action scenes were believable, although there are usually little bits that are not. I did enjoy the fact that it wasn’t the same villains all the way through; they changed with the parts of the country they were in, which is more realistic considering the amount of land they were covering in the cattle drive. The plot was well-put together and I enjoyed the execution.

I recommend The Goodnight Trail to anyone looking for a good western to read.

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