Thursday, October 8, 2009

Book Review- Phillip L. Davidson- Dreamer

Phillip L. Davidson- Dreamer (iUniverse 2009) 3 Stars

War between Britain and Argentina is inevitable and when an American officer and former Green Beret discovers his wife, Sunny, has been taken hostage by Argentine secret service (The Group) he vows to save her. God brings David’s former Green Beret members to him and they have a plan to rescue God’s servant from the hands of the enemy.

Dreamer is a bit of an odd book, but I guess when I read the back of the book I should have clued into that, sadly I didn’t. At parts it got a little too odd for my liking, but others may feel differently. Dreamer had a very good introductory section, it kind of caught your attention right away and made you want to keep reading, however I did begin to loose interest in parts mainly due to the fact that it jumped around between characters a lot in the first half of the book. The characters were very deep and well-crafted, which impressed me. The setting and storyline were also very well done. I would have rated the book a little bit higher if it had not been so weird in parts, it went from being religious to being a kind of sci-fi.

I would not slap my personal recommendation on Dreamer, but if you like the odd you may enjoy this one.

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