Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Book Review- Louis L’Amour- Silver Canyon

Louis L’Amour- Silver Canyon (Bantam Books 1972) 4 Stars

Matt Brennan is a gun fighter whose gun is not for sale. When he discovers a man who lives alone on his ranch land and has two big operations wanting his land he decides to help the man out the only way that he knows how, with a gun. It all seemed so perfect except for the fact that the woman he loves is the daughter of an opposing ranch.

Silver Canyon is a great western with loads of action. I loved the main character, Matt Brennan, as he was the tough guy with a sense of right or wrong, and those who oppose him had better watch out. I did not feel that the rest of the characters were particularly strong. The storyline was fast-paced and action-filled, I enjoyed reading it. The plot could have been a little bit more filled out, but was pretty good for a western. I always love the old setting as it is my favourite time period.

I recommend Silver Canyon to anyone who loves a good western, or is a fan of Louis L’ Amour.

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