Sunday, October 11, 2009

Book Review- Judy Blume- Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Judy Blume- Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing (Yearling Books 1981) 4 Stars

Peter Hatcher is in the fourth grade and life is not going his way, at least not when his little brother Fudge is around, which is always. Two-year-old Fudge disrupts Peter’s life in every way, even ruining his homework project. Peter must do what he can to make life a little easier for everyone around Fudge, but a boy can only take so much.

I love this book. I remember reading it as a child. I have kind of read this series in a backwards order, but I am glad to have finally read this intro book. The characters are always great in Judy Blume’s books, and the storyline is usually good for a chuckle or two. It is interesting to see the kind of situations that Fudge can get the family into and just how Peter will save the day or his parents will make it up to him. A good read that all children should pick up.

I recommend this to all children.

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