Saturday, October 10, 2009

Book Review- John Grisham- The Client

John Grisham- The Client (Island Books 1994) 4.75 Stars

Mark Sway was just an eleven-year-old boy taking his younger brother out for a smoke when they stumbled onto something that would change their lives forever. A mob lawyer reveals a secret Mark wishes he did not know; the location to a dead senator. Now Mark is a target of the mob as well as desperate FBI officials who want the information he holds. The only person between Mark and the two sides is his lawyer Reggie Love and they are about to find out that the two make a deadly duo.

The Client is a great novel, I enjoyed it thoroughly. The introduction was one that caught me up immediately. I couldn’t help but feel bad for the two boys, and still love the honourable actions of Mark Sway. Mark was a great character, smart, and tough, yet he still had his childlike tenderness. Reggie Love was another amazing character; full of a deep love for the children she calls her clients. The plot was twisting and turning making it so that you hated to put the book down. The setting was rich and well-painted for the reader. I seem to be forgetting my favourite part; it was a Grisham book without all the wordiness!

I recommend The Client to Grisham fans, thriller lovers, and people who enjoy books with young lead characters.

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