Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Book Review- James Patterson- Violets Are Blue

James Patterson- Violets Are Blue (Little, Brown and Company 2001) 3.5 Stars

Still haunted and taunted by the Mastermind, Alex Cross must hunt down a new serial killer. This serial killer believes he is a vampire and uses his fellow vampires to commit murder, allowing them to drink their blood (I hope you all thought of a Dracula like voice as you read that, because that is what was running through my mind). Meanwhile he must also try to figure out just who the Mastermind is.

I figured that Violets Are Blue was a suitable book for Halloween, what with vampires and all that. This Cross book was much better than the previous one, although still not one of his better books. I did like how his family was given much less attention, although once again they were in danger. Another big shocker in this book was the fact that he was assigned yet another female partner and she ends up in trouble! Wow, huge surprise right? As much as I like the Cross character, I have figured out his greatest flaw, he thinks with his wrong head, and by saying this I do not mean to be crude I only mean to speak the truth. The main case in this one was fairly well put together, although odd.

I would recommend Violets Are Blue to Patterson fans.

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