Sunday, October 4, 2009

Book Review- James Patterson- Roses Are Red

James Patterson- Roses Are Red (Little, Brown and Company 2000) 3 Stars

Alex Cross has just broken with his fiancé and when she takes off he is left with his baby son. As if the breakup were not enough he is drawn into a tangled web of deception and betrayal. The Mastermind is robbing banks using pawns and then killing off the pawns as well as any others that he chooses to die. For him Cross is the perfect adversary.

This is actually the villain I have been waiting for having read a later book in the series before this one, even so it was not how I expected it. Roses Are Red has been my least favourite of the Cross series yet. There was way too much focus on his family life, about half of the book. Even though he broke up with his fiancé, he only mourned her for a short time and then he moved on to another woman rather quickly. The actual work involved in finding the Mastermind was not all that great, he would just suddenly know exactly where to look and pow! his hunch would only be half right. The ending however was great, a wonderful lead-in for the next book.

I do not recommend Roses Are Red to anyone.

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