Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Book Review- H.G. Wells- The Time Machine

H.G. Wells- The Time Machine (Moby Books 1983) 3.5 Stars

A young scientist creates the unbelievable, a time machine. Travelling into the future in the hopes of bringing back useful knowledge he finds only danger. Confused by these curious little people and their unusual fear of the dark, he finds that what lurks in the dark is a society of simple ape-like creatures and they may very well be worth being afraid.

This is one of those classics that are worth reading to your children. It gets your imagination flowing and stimulates the writing juices. H. G. Wells was a talented author with revolutionary ideas. The main character is very naïve and although brilliant, could be quite dumb at the same time. The futuristic world is very interesting to think of and he does a very good job of painting his very bleak imagining of the future. It is quite believable that his friends would not believe him, and yet I find it very curious as to why he decides to go back into the future after all that he saw.

I recommend this adapted version of The Time Machine to parents with young children who have good imaginations.

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