Thursday, October 22, 2009

Book Review- Harlan Coben- One False Move

Harlan Coben- One False Move (Dell Publishing 1999) 4.75 Stars

Myron Bolitar, a sports agent, has agreed to protect Brenda slaughter, the daughter of a man he used to revere, even if she does not want his protection. Brenda’s mom abandoned her twenty years ago and now her father has disappeared as well. Deception seems to be around every corner and Myron must wade through the sea of lies to find the truth, even if someone may be willing to kill to keep it a secret.

I was very impressed with One False Move. It was an action-packed thriller/mystery that kept your mind working to figure out every angle of the case. My attention was gripped right away and I could not put the book down. I loved the character of Myron Bolitar. He is a very brilliant and extremely sarcastic man, and I love sarcasm in books. The humour was How I Met Your Mother meets Big Bang Theory, aka very funny, witty, and all around enjoyable. The plot was intense and very-well done, only letting you know details when Myron knows them, which helps keep your attention.

I recommend One False Move to thriller/mystery lovers, and Coben fans.

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