Saturday, September 19, 2009

Book Review- Steven James- The Rook

Steven James- The Rook (Revell 2008) 3.5 Stars

Patrick Bowers is investigating a bunch of fires in San Diego that end up leading to a deeper chain of events. A killer is on the loose at the very same time and it appears that they may be connected. Patrick Bowers will get to the bottom of everything…even if it’s the last thing he does.

The Rook took a little bit to get into, and I felt it was little bit weaker written than The Pawn. Overall I did enjoy the book and love how Bowers’ mind works. The details always seem to be obscure and it takes a while for Bowers to connect the dots. I was a little annoyed with how much James focuses on the family aspect, it gets to be too overbearing. The strength in James’ writing is always in the depth of his characters, he does such a great job of creating them.

I would recommend this book to James fans, and thriller/mystery lovers.

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