Monday, September 14, 2009

Book Review- Michael Crichton- Airframe

Michael Crichton- Airframe (Ballantine Book 1997) 3.25 Stars

When a jumbo jet careens out of control over the Pacific Ocean it injures 56 and kills 3. The question now is not only why did it happen, but who is responsible; is it the pilot or the airline manufacturer. Casey Singleton has been assigned the job of answering that question and she intends to do it, even if it means losing her job or ending up dead.

Crichton is a very skilled author, but I find it difficult to get into some of his books. Airframe had the plot to be a very good novel, but in some places I found that it was lacking finesse. The characters were kind of weak with the exception of Casey, the main character. The settings were also lacking as they weren’t really described too much, he left most of that to your own mind. I was hoping for a little bit more when I started reading this and ended up disappointed.

I recommend Airframe to Crichton fans only.

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