Thursday, September 24, 2009

Book Review- Jeffrey Archer- A Prisoner of Birth

Jeffrey Archer- A Prisoner of Birth (St. Martin’s Press 2008) 3.5 Stars

Danny Cartwright just proposed to Beth Wilson, his pregnant girlfriend, and life seemed so perfect. Suddenly though he finds himself arrested and charged for a murder he did not commit. When four well-respected witnesses testify against him, one of whom is actually guilty, he is sentenced to twenty-two years in prison. The four think that they have gotten away with it, but they underestimated Danny and Beth’s determination and ability to get their revenge.

Not an Archer fan I was happy to find one of his books that I could enjoy. A Prisoner of Birth was a fairly good book. The plot was very interesting and intriguing. I did find that a couple of parts were a little bit farfetched, but still enjoyable. Danny was a deep and complex character, but was the only character I felt was developed for the reader. Some sections were slow, but I found that if you pushed past them you found out important details. I liked the European setting that was explored as it was not the parts of London books and movies often focus on.

I recommend A Prisoner of Birth to anyone looking for a good drama and any Archer fans.

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