Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Book Review- James Lee Burke- In the Moon of Red Ponies

James Lee Burke- In the Moon of Red Ponies (Pocket Books 2005) 3.5 Stars

Billy Bob Holland is a lawyer that used to be a Texas Ranger. Wyatt Dixon, a psychopathic killer who Holland had a run-in with in a previous book, has been released from prison. Although he claims to have changed, Holland does not believe him, but Dixon is not the greatest of his worries. He is representing a Native American activist who has discovered a ring of corruption, blackmail, and even murder, now he must find a way to save his client and figure out what is going on.

There was something about the intro pages that I just loved, it drew me in and made me want to read more. Holland is the kind of character that you cannot help but love, he is a hard-nosed, no nonsense kind of man who will do anything to see justice done. I did find that the rest of the characters were a little bit weak however. I also found that at times I was kind of wondering at the point of the scenes, but most scenes had there point if you could figure out what was going on, which Holland eventually put together, although not magically out of thin air like in some books.

I recommend In the Moon of Red Ponies to mystery/thriller fans, or those who enjoy Burke’s novels.

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