Sunday, September 27, 2009

Book Review- Eric Wilson- Spirit in the Rainforest

Eric Wilson- Spirit in the Rainforest (HarperCollins 2003) 3.5 Stars

Tom Austen is on summer holidays in British Columbia when he discovers the mysterious Nearby Island. Haunted by ghostly voices and a strange hermit Nearby Island is avoided by all locals. Tom and Liz Austen take shelter in the forest and are afraid that this may be one mystery they are not brave enough to solve.

This mystery was slightly disappointing for me. The actual mystery was only a very tiny portion of the book (maybe 15%), which was not what I was hoping for. It took me a really long time to actually figure out what the point of the novel was. It was also the weakest character development I have seen from Eric Wilson yet. That being said it does take place in British Columbia where I was born and raised for many years, and continued to spend most summers and many Christmases at after I left (including a week of this past summer). The BC factor has given it some bonus points as it brought back some memories and made me want to return to beautiful British Columbia. It also had a great educational factor in the book, which is great for kids.

I am afraid that I can only recommend Spirit in the Rainforest to Eric Wilson fans.

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