Monday, September 7, 2009

Book Review- Charles Dickens- Oliver Twist

Charles Dickens- Oliver Twist (Baronet Books) 4 Stars

Oliver Twist, a poor orphan boy mistreated everywhere he goes, decides to run away to London. There he meets Fagin and his gang of thieves and pickpockets. In an attempt to gain what he wants most, a family, he befriends a victim of Fagin’s robbery.

This is a great classic that I found more enjoyable as a version aimed at children. I cannot help myself but to fall in love with the wonderful young boy, Oliver Twist. Misfortune seems to follow him about. The ending is one that I love as it shows hope, truly a heart-warming tale of life as a poor orphan boy.

I recommend this classic to all readers of middle reader level to the elderly.

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